Dr Ricki Weiss PR Management & International Consulting offers services in the fields of PR and communications as well as strategic consulting to support corporations and individuals.


20 years of experience in communications, national and international commissions and cooperation with both SMEs and large corporations have decisively shaped my expertise for communicational situations. Over the years, I have boosted numerous careers into their current shape, all the while expanding my expertise, intercultural understanding and empathy for people from all walks of life. 


Be it global leaders, industry specialists, family enterprises or premium brands; be you entrepreneur, CEO or manager—enterprises and their doers continually fascinate me.

I apply myself just as keenly to complex tasks as to the strategic positioning of individuals. Both my experience and my network of business and media contacts enable me to swiftly reach instrumental results.


Depending on the task at hand, I have a varying strategic focus in the field of PR MANAGEMENT:


  • Agency partner for comprehensive PR & communications services
  • ​Partner for CEO communications & PR for entrepreneurs​​
  • Partner for individual career mentoring
  • Trainer and lecturer at workshops and seminars

Your lasting success is my primary goal!

All the best,
Ricki Weiss