Agency partner for comprehensive PR & communications services

As an experienced expert, I offer all the services of a full PR & communications agency. According to your wishes, I deliver any and all required steps—from an initial idea to effective comprehensive implementation of communication. This includes the wording of your message as well as the staging of your enterprise suitable for marketing in folders, brochures or films, as well as for targeted press releases or comprehensive PR campaigns.


Sparring partner for CEOs, entrepreneurs and managers

Do you have questions concerning complex topics, strategic orientation or your company’s position? Have a desired career change or are you breaking new ground? Let us work together on aspects regarding your company’s position and let us shape objectives while perceptively taking outside perspectives into consideration. From consulting to communication—straightforward wording forms the foundation to efficiently implementing previously worked-out solutions.


Partner for CEO communications & PR for entrepreneurs

The signature positioning of your company, clear differentiation, catchy statements and highlighting hand-picked assets all result in a competitive advantage. Consistent messages in corporate wording create a coherent overall image, throughout all channels of communication.

  • Through strategic CEO communication, I empower the man or woman at the top: goal-oriented action towards proprietors, associates and clients, together with a clear understanding of one’s role and self, anchor the position palpably and permanently. Whether in-company or publicly, with me you can achieve your incomparable, personalised company image.
  • International strategic communication not only paves the way for corporations in the export business but also ensures an ideal position in the global market. Building on your entrepreneurial and marketing strategies, my services convey your content as a harmonious concept in two or more languages. 


Partner for individual career mentoring

Realise opportunities, manage conflicts and utilize communication! “He who works at the wrong thread destroys the fabric,” as Confucius once said. With the right know how, sophisticated strategies and content-related upgrades, you will be ready for your next professional challenge. Make the most of my field-tested treasure trove of experience, whether for individual consulting, résumé checks or drawn-up documents for issue-specific trainings.


Trainer and lecturer at workshops and seminars

The following are selected titles from my repertoire as a trainer and lecturer: “Successful Communication Strategies for Internationalisation”, “Intercultural Communication and Global Marketing” (Exports Management, WIFI Vienna), “Successful Communication for Leaders”, among other titles on career development. Further, I conduct in-house workshops with employees to work out corporate content, most notably during corporate repositioning or mergers within the frame of change communication.